Irago Nanohana Garden

Rape blossoms on the Atsumi Peninsula bring tourists a little early spring.

The rape blossoms that color the winter of Atsumi Peninsula bloom from early January to late March in the Irago area and along national roads, delivering early spring to tourists. Every year, the rape blossom festival is held at this time of year, and rape blossom fields are scattered along National Highway 259 and National Highway 42 on the Pacific side, and about 11 million trees are in full bloom in sequence. Events and special product sales are also held during the festival.
The main venue will be “Irago Nanohana Garden” along No. 42 in Horikiri-cho. The spectacular sight of about 1.2 million trees blooming on an area of about 4 hectares fascinates visitors.

  • Address
    Hamayabu, Horikiricho, Tahara, Aichi 441-3627
  • Business hours
    From early January to late March
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