Pacific Long Beach

A beautiful sandy beach on the Pacific coast of the Akabane area.

A beautiful sandy beach spreads out on the beach on the Pacific coast of the Akabane district. It is known as a typical surfing spot with stable waves. On holidays, surfers come from all over the world. It also became the stage for the world surfing competition.
Palm trees lined up along the road from National Highway No. 42 to the beach, creating a tropical mood. When the sky turns red in the setting sun, you will want to see the scenery once along with Long Beach. It’s the moment I want to take a picture.
I definitely want to visit not only Long Beach but also the Pacific coast of Atsumi Peninsula, which is called “Omotehama Coast”.

  • Address
    137 Ishiki,Takamatsucho,Tahara,Aichi 441-3502
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