Koijigahama Beach

Beautiful curved sandy beach about 1 km from Cape Irago Lighthouse.

Koijigahama is about 1 km from the Irago Cape Lighthouse to the stone gate of Hii. It features a beautiful curved sandy beach. You can walk on the sandy beach from the Koijigahama parking lot. Ships come and go in the ocean that spreads out in front of you, so you can feel like a resort.
“One of the palm fruits that flows from a distant island that you do not know the name of.” Koijigahama is also famous for being the setting for the song “Palm Fruit” that has been popular in Japan for a long time. It has been certified as a “sacred place for lovers”, and many young couples ring the memorial monument “Bell of Happiness”.
There is also a place to lock the “happiness key” sold at a nearby shop and “the birthplace of the happy four-leaf clover”.

  • Address
    2805 Koijigaura, Iragocho, Tahara, Aichi 441-3624
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