Ikenohara Park

The site of the mansion where Watanabe Kazan spent his last years.

Located near the city museum, Watanabe Kazan, a pioneer at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and a great local, spent his last years, and the ruins of his own mansion become a park. In the quiet garden, there is a restored remains of a ghost, a statue of Mt. Hua, and a stone monument engraved with the “unfaithful and unfaithful Watanabe Noboru” left by Mt. There is also the Ikenohara Kaikan as a place for traditional cultural activities such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement in the park where walking paths and rest facilities are set up, and you can easily enjoy matcha (charged).
Around the park, the samurai residence was widespread, and although there is no residence left, you can feel the atmosphere of the past on the winding roads.

  • Address
    17 Nakakoji, Taharacho, Tahara, Aichi 441-3421
  • Phone
  • Business hours
    "Ikenohara Kaikan"
    9:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Regular holiday
    Monday (If it is a holiday, the next weekday)
  • Fee
    Tea room: 450 yen / hour
    Japanese-style room: 450 yen / hour
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