Tahara Castle Ruins

It is the site of Tahara Castle built during the Warring States period.

A 15-minute walk from Mikawa-Tahara Station on the Atsumi Line, it is located in a cultural district with cultural facilities and schools. Currently, Hakou Shrine, City Museum, and Gokoku Shrine are built.
Built during the Warring States period, Tahara Castle was finally constructed during the Edo period. After the abandoned castle in the Meiji era, the building was demolished, but the stone walls and other parts remain as they were at that time. “Sodeike no Ishigaki” is the oldest stone wall that remains in the ruins of the castle and was piled up in the early Edo period. According to records, it collapsed and was reloaded many times due to the earthquake.
“Sakuramon” near the stone wall of Sodeike is a double-decker yaguramon, which was restored in 1992. Passing through the Sakuramon Gate, the “Ninomaru yagura” restored in 1957 rises. Tahara Castle did not have a castle tower, and the Ninomaru yagura played that role.

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    10-13 Hako, Taharacho, Tahara, Aichi 441-3421
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