Tahara Matsuri

It is a traditional festival in Tahara City that is held every autumn.

“Tahara Matsuri” announces the arrival of autumn on the Atsumi Peninsula. This festival, which is held every September, begins with the evening festival of Hachimansha (Shinmachi) in Tahara-cho, and is held for three days in five towns, including Shinmachi, Honmachi, Kayamachi, Hako, and Kinugasa.
One of the highlights is the three floats (city tangible folk cultural property) carrying karakuri dolls. It is slowly routed to match the flute and drum music. Above all, the “Kurumakiri”, which is performed at a corner, is a must-see, where the men breathe together and steer the floats about 6 meters high while squeezing them. Karakuri dolls that show humorous movements also attract spectators.
On the final day, after a magnificent hand-held fireworks, bright fireworks will dye the night sky in early autumn and decorate the finale of the festival.

  • Held every September
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